These are just random employment situational facts to help you better understand various legal situations.

In most states, employees have up to 300 days after an alleged discriminatory event to file a charge with the EEOC

Southwest Airlines recruiting announcement for the job of flight attendant: “Flight Attendants ensure that Customers’ safety and comfort come first, and create a memorable experience by providing friendly, enthusiastic, courteous and fun services.”

More than 90% of FedEx managers started in non-management jobs.

Wal-Mart employees about 800,000 women in more than 3,700 U.s. stores-more than any other employer in the country and more than the total number of people who live in the stats of Vermont or Wyoming or North Dakota.

A recent survey of CEO's found that the low availability of key skills was their second concern, after over regulation of businesses.

It has been estimated that 20% of the skills and knowledge possessed by employees working in the technological fields becomes obsolete every 12 to 18 months.

About 40 million workers are drug-tested each year in the United States.

Each year, the National Safety Council gives the Robert W. Campbell Award to companies that successfully integrate health, safety, and environmental management into their overall business operations.

Toyota University offers free training in continuous process improvement to the police and U.S. military as a public service.

Two surveys of HR professionals revealed that fewer than 10% were “very satisfied with their company’s performance management process.

California Employment Law “Fun Facts”

  • Citigroups’s Smith Barney, Merill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley have each paid out more than $100 million since the late 1990s to resolve sex discrimination suits, even while denying that any systematic discrimination against women occurs witin their walls.
  • According to the Securities industry Association, more than 70% of investment bankers, traders, and brokers are white men.
  • Citizens of the United States employed elsewhere by a firm that’s controlled or owned by an American parent are protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, The Age Discimitation in Employment Act (ADEA), and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • In 2005, the texas State Labor Code was amended to require that juveniles bt at least 11 years old to engage in the delivery on a newspaper route.
  • Approximately 70,000 companies are federal government contractors.
  • In most states, employees have up to 300 days after an alleged discriminatory event to file charge with the EEOC.
  • Of the Fortune 500 Firms, 8 had a female CEO in the year 200. based on the current pipeline, this number could reach 30 by 2016.
  • After radio talk show Don Imus made a sexist and racist comment against the Rutgers university womens’s basketball team, the public’s disgust resulted in the 30-year veteran being fired.
  • Men’s claims account for 15.4% of all sexual harassment charges brought to the EEOC.
  • If an outside contractor’s employees sexually harass the on-site workers, the workers can sue their employer, who hired the outside contractor.
  • In 2007, the Wisconsin legislature voted to make it illegal for anyone, including employers and the government, to impant radio frequency identification microchips into people without their consent.
  • Forty-one percent of the new hires at The Container Store, a top-ranked “Best Company to Work For,” come from employee referrals.
  • France is Manpower’s biggest market, generating one-third of the company’s revenue.